August 27, 2009

Cloudstock ad supported v1.6 released

A new release of cloudstock, here's the changelog:
  • Upload complete folders in streaming compressed tar.gz archive to S3
  • Download tar.gz archives from S3 and decompress in streaming mode, no need to store the archive locally
  • Fixed bug when no bucket were created for an account
  • Darker background for easier read under bright sunlight
Happy transfers!

August 22, 2009

Cloudstock FULL ad supported v1.5 released

Cloudstock free becomes Cloudstock Full ad supported using admob.
All features from the PRO version are available except upload/download folder as archives and edit ACL.

August 19, 2009

CloudStock free edition, ad supported on Android Market

CloudStock is an easy to use Amazon S3 manager and file transfer client for the Android platform. CloudStock supports file transfer of arbitrary size, only limited by Amazon current 5GB cap, it also includes a file browser to manage local files.
In an instant, push your photos, videos or documents to the world with the one click publish feature, supported for facebook, myspace, email or instant messages.


Among others, the features of CloudStock include the following:

  • Publish files in 1 click with wizard
  • Get a short URL from to copy/paste in Email / Facebook / IM / Myspace / etc...
  • Supports transfer of large files, up to 5GB for both uploads & downloads
  • Transparent support for compressed archive to upload/download folders
  • Included file manager for local files
  • Supports secure (HTTPS) communication
  • History and logging of all operations including transfers
  • Standalone package with no dependency (Android >= 1.5 required)

Pro version features

There are two separate releases of Cloudstock, one which is totally free, supported by ads and a pro version which adds:

  • Publish folders in 1 click with wizard
  • Edit Bucket ACL using canned policy: private, public-read, public-read-write, authenticated-read


  • CloudStock Free is already available on the android market, or directly from your phone using the Android Market application.
  • CloudStock Pro will be available shortly, targeting end of August 09